Educational Kits

These are some of the Kits which will help our Kids to Inter-connect the academics with Fun exploring Activities. We have Kits Ranging from 399/- onwards. Educational Kits are designed by Experts and tested by Educational Community.

astronomy kits

From Simple Sun Dial to Building Own Reflector telescope is made easy by Inventions Box Spare. Order Astronomical Telescope now. Explore the NASA & ISRO DIY Activities.

Robotics kits

Robotics activities, Experiments, Do it yourself, Fully Assembled Kits, Spares for building Semi, Automatic, Remote Control, AI Based, Etc

iot & inventions

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education gives people skills that make them more Employable and Ready to Innovate mind set for kids.

Raman Lecture by IIPH LABS

"Living an Enriched life through Science" By Dr.Bindu Krishnan, Phd.

IIPh Labs Bengaluru Presents Raman Lecture Series on the occasion of National Science day 2022.

Our Content Writing Intern, Malavika Presenting a Small Memento to Honorable Lecturer Dr.Bindu. 

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